And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.”
— Matthew 10:7-8

Oregon Temporary Out-of-State Dental and Dental Hygienist Application


Kaiser Permanente Dentists Outside Activities Form: PLEASE CLICK HERE

Check out the important information below about what to expect at a Impact Your Health PDX clinic.
If you have any further questions, please contact us at ImpactHealthPDX@gmail.com for general information. More volunteer information regarding food, orientations, waivers, etc will be sent three weeks prior to the clinic date.

Time Commitment

When you sign up to volunteer for a day, we base our patient capacities on the number of volunteers for the whole day, and with the knowledge that people will take breaks throughout the day and that sometimes things come up in life that must be attended to. But, overall, we anticipate everyone who comes to volunteer will stay for the whole day. If you can only come for part of the time (half day or less), please let us know so we can plan accordingly. We appreciate your commitment to those in need.
We recommend volunteers wear modest, comfortable attire (scrubs are acceptable). All volunteers are required to wear closed-toe shoes (we suggest shoes you can stand comfortably in for long hours). No tank tops or offensive clothing are permitted.
Non-Healthcare/General Volunteers
Volunteers without relevant health care professional skills will be able to volunteer in several other capacities. There are many jobs at the clinic that most anyone can help with: patient registration, runners to help patients get where they need to go, language translation, dental sterilization, supply stocking and lay technicians in our vision lab. We ask that you be flexible concerning your work assignment at the clinic. We have many jobs that need to be filled; you might not be able to volunteer for a specific assignment. Although we will do our best to honor assignment requests, and will do our absolute best to accommodate any physical restrictions you might have. General volunteers will mostly be assigned duties when they arrive based on our greatest need at the time. We have to get the clinic operations up and running each morning, so things can be very busy. You’ll get to meet new people and make new friends!
Food/Child Care
Breakfast and lunch will be provided for all the volunteers on both days of the clinic. Also, child care will be available for those who need it.
  • Physicians, NP, PA’s
  • Nurses, EMT
  • Lifestyle Counselors
  • Physical/Occupational Therapists, Massage          Therapists
  • Social Worker, Mental Health Counselors
  • Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Opticians
  • Dentists, Dental Assistants, Hygienists,                  Registered Dental Assistants
  • Translators
  • Greeters
  • Barbers/Hair Stylists
  • Foot Washing Ministry
  • Registration
  • Food Coordinators
  • Pastors/Chaplains
  • Child Care Providers
  • Security/Crowd Control Specialist


Typically the week prior to the clinic
Set Up:
Two days prior to the clinic 
Clinic Days:
Clinic Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Tear Down:
At the end of the last day of the clinic 
Volunteers Who Need Services
We are happy to provide services for our volunteers at the clinic. If you would like to receive services you MUST tell your department director when you will be unavailable, check out at the volunteer check-in desk and register for a service just like any other patient. You will also need to remove your volunteer
t-shirt and any other signs that indicate you are a volunteer,