We have an awesome team of dedicated volunteers who give their time to make the free clinic in Portland happen.
Clinic Co-Coordinator Brenda Duerksen
Clinic Co-Coordinator Jenny Jin
AMC Liaison Ed Hoover
Child Care Susan Severance
Children’s Outreach Jackee DuVall
Community Health Educ. Nathan Hyde
Commun. Resources Co-Director Katie Linfoot
Commun. Resources Co-Director Jan Vigil
Dental Director Jodi Pak DDS
Dental Dept. Consultant Bob Hessong
Exit Process Paul Nichols
Food Director Seth Brookens
Footwashing Director Harriet Evans
Hospitality Julie Nakamura
Lifestyle Counseling Jeanne Norris
Media/GovtRelations/Video Jonathan Russell
Health Screening Co-Director Amy Cafferky
Health Screening Co-Director Gloria Cooper
Medical Co-Director Arnold Petersen
Medical Co-Director Muffy Piper
Medical Co-Director Rick Westermeyer
OR Conference Liaison Cindy Birmingham
PAA Liaison Mackenzie Aamodt
PAA Plant Director Steve McFeters
PAA Student Volunteer Director Brian Simmons
PACS Liaison Katie Linfoot
PACS Liaison Carol James
Pastoral/Co-Chaplain Eddie Ciobanu
Pastoral/Co-Chaplain Steve Madsen
Patient Regist. Director Paul Nichols
Photographer, Clinic Dick Duerksen
Photography Ben Dalusong
Security/Crowd Control Jim McMurry
Smoothie Bar/Snacks Bonnie Kist
Sunnyside Church Liaison Mark Witas
Treasurer Debra Christensen/Hood View Church
Vision Linda Cole
Volunteer Communications Marella Rudebaugh
Volunteer Regist. Director Frank Jin