We have an awesome team of dedicated volunteers who give their time to make the free clinic in Portland happen.
Clinic Co-Coordinator Brenda Duerksen
Clinic Co-Coordinator Jenny Jin
AMC Liaison Ed Hoover
Child Care Susan Severance
Children’s Outreach Jackee DuVall
Community Health Educ. Nathan Hyde
Commun. Resources Co-Director Katie Linfoot
Commun. Resources Co-Director Jan Vigil
Dental Director Jodi Pak DDS
Dental Dept. Consultant Bob Hessong
Exit Process Paul Nichols
Food Co-Director Seth Brookens
Footwashing Director Robert Tait
Hospitality Julie Nakamura
Lifestyle Counseling Jeanne Norris
Media/GovtRelations/Video Jonathan Russell
Medical Clear. Co-Director Amy Cafferky
Medical Clear. Co-Director Gloria Cooper
Medical Co-Director Arnold Petersen
Medical Co-Director Muffy Piper
Medical Co-Director Rick Westermeyer
OR Conference Liaison  
PAA Liaison Mackenzie Aamodt
PAA Plant Director Steve McFeters
PAA Student Volunteer Director Brian Simmons
PACS Liaison Katie Linfoot
PACS Liaison Carol James
Pastoral/Co-Chaplain Eddie Ciobanu
Pastoral/Co-Chaplain Steve Madsen
Patient Regist. Director Paul Nichols
Photographer, Clinic Dick Duerksen
Photography Ben Dalusong
Security/Crowd Control Jim McMurry
Smoothie Bar/Snacks Bonnie Kist
Sunnyside Church Liaison Mark Witas
Treasurer Debra Christensen/Hood View Church
Vision Linda Cole
Volunteer Communications Marella Rudebaugh
Volunteer Regist. Director Frank Jin