It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to serve and minister to those in need. Had a patient who shared and made it clear she was in a lot of emotional turmoil; experiencing loneliness, fear and distress due to many negative circumstances in her life. Without judgement I was able to listen to her story, talk with and encourage her. We also had a powerful prayer…all this along with her teeth cleaning! She left with a new spring in her step and hope in her heart – ready to face life with some new found courage to trust in the Lord with all her heart ❤️. She was very grateful!! It’s so fun to watch God work! He is so good.
– Dana Moody, Volunteer
Thank you so much to everyone who helped this program work. I had my front teeth cavities filled that I have lived with for years because it’s just too expensive to fix. I can now smile for the camera, it is changing my life lifting my confidence in my appearance. MAY THE LORD BLESS EVERYONE FOR THIS WONDERFUL SERVICE.
– Don, Patient
In my 37 years of being a dentist it has always been a passion of mine to help others. God gave me a certain skill set and I want to continue to use it as long as I’m able. From when I was a student dentist to all the years I spent overseas it has only increased my desire I’ve done hundreds of these clinics over the years and each one is special and I always look forward to the next one. – Marlin M, Volunteer
Thank you so much for your service! I had a major cavity filled, teeth cleaned and sorely needed glasses ordered. I have ever had a better overall experience at a dental office. This event was just superb. Whom ever is responsible for selecting the right Volunteer for their particular role did an excellent job. Thanks again!!!! – Jerry L, Patient
Dear Doctors and Adventists,
Thank you so much for offering me help with dental issues. I also appreciate the information you gave out. Happy Holidays! – Karen T, Patient
I welcome the opportunity to volunteer in Portland this year. I visited the clinic last year when everything was in full swing. The Clinic was filled with spirit-filled, caring/nonjudgmental vibrations while ministering to the individuals seeking health care. The Clinic served several hundred people with profound grace and dignity. – Jacqueline J, Volunteer
 My heartfelt thank you to you and AMEN for delivering my bifocal glasses! It is very very wonderful to have a new pair of glasses that will be worn proudly. Already people complimented on the frames and inquired where I purchased them. My response: (Portland Adventist Community Services) Impact Your Health Portland Free Clinic! I give AMEN high marks. Patience is a virtue. I am forever grateful for your August health fair. – Peggy M, Patient
Stories from our patients and volunteers. 
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